Resources and Links for Parents

Baby Names

Struggling to name your babies? This site has thousands of names to chose from!



Information about midwifes in Ottawa

Wholesome Baby Foods

An amazing source of all natural, easy-to-make first foods for your babies.

An excellent series of articles on breastfeeding preemies and multiples.

Government Listing of Recalled Products
Multiple Births Canada

National organization working to improve the quality of life for multiple birth individuals and their families in Canada. 

Canadian Toy Testing Council 


City of Ottawa

Links to family services

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario 

Find a doctor

Community Coalition for the Prevention of Low Birth Weight 


Facts About Multiples 

A site which bills itself as "an online encyclopedia about multiple births." Lots of interesting stuff here, listed in Guinness Book style.

La Leche League Canada

LLLC offers you support and information, based on research and experience, to give your baby the very best start.

New and Used Stroller Registry 

Stroller registry for parents of multiples.

Triplets, Quads and Quints Association 


Twins and Multiples Organization 

Educating twins, triplets and more

Twins Birthday - E-cards

Home of the Twinslist - mailing list and FAQs

Twins Magazine


Kids Ottawa

Resources and events for kids, babies, parents and caregivers in Ottawa and Gatineau


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